CARICOM Election Observation Mission to the General Elections of Dominica

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New-PictureMr. Gasper Jn.  Baptiste,  Acting Chief Elections Officer of Saint Lucia Electoral Department is due to travel from 4th – 12th  December, 2014 to participate in CARICOM Election Observation Mission to the General Elections of  Dominica, 8th December, 2014.


His role as an Observer will be to:-

  • observe  the electoral process, including the preparations for the start of the poll, the casting of votes, the closure of the polling stations, the counting of the ballots and the preparation of the Statement of Poll;
  • collect  information  on the results at the voting tables to assist in the quantitative verification of the results;
  • collect qualitative  observations regarding the voting process, comportment of the electoral officials and political actors, and on the overall electoral environment ;
  • observe and access the outcome of the elections and the initial immediate impact on the social  and political environment; and
  • collaborate in the preparation of the Report of the Observer Mission to be prepared by the Chief of the Mission, through the submission of the Observation Sheets oral and written Reports on your observation and findings on the day of the elections.