The symbols to be used by a political party or candidate at an election shall be one of the symbols shown in the Fourth Schedule of the Elections Act Cap.1.02

Each candidate shall be given a symbol by which he or she may be recognized on the ballot paper (appendix vi). The name of each candidate shall be placed on the Ballot Paper in alphabetical order of surnames. (Section 45(5), Elections Act, Cap.1.02.

When the Chief Elections Officer is satisfied that a recognised political party has applied for a party symbol, he or she shall allocate a symbol shown in the Schedule 4 of the Act to such party, and the official candidate of the party in each Electoral District shall be entitled to have the party symbol printed opposite his or her name. The same symbol shall be allotted to every candidate from the same political party.

Where a political party has in the preceding election used a particular symbol, the Chief Elections Officer shall, at the request in writing of the secretary of such political party, assign the same symbol to that party.