• Unverified Voters List

    The public is asked to check the unverified list to determine if their names are on this list. You are asked to contact the Electoral Department so it can be rectified.
    Unverified Voters List

    Unverified Voters List
  • 2011 Election Winner Summary

    Winners of the 2011 General Elections – Click the candidate to view constituency information with respect to voting trends and representative history. Percentage  and  Vote numbers by party.


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    2011 Election Winner Summary
  • Voter Search and Lookup

    St. Lucia’s first known inhabitants were the Arawaks, believed to have come from northern South America in 200-400 A.D.  By 800 AD the Arawaks’  culture had been superseded by an early Amerindian group known as the Caribs. The Caribs called the island ‘Iouanalao’culture had been superseded by an early Amerindian group by an early Amerindian group
    Voter Lookup

    Voter Search and Lookup
  • Welcome Note

    Democracy is based on the right of citizens to participate in the decision making process, thus establishing the rules by which they agree to live together. Those fundamental rights can only be exercised when citizens engage as actively as possible in public life. The voting process is an essential manifestation of..Read More


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  • Result & Statistics

    Featuring  past results and statistics from 1979 to 2011. Statistics are presented with a summary of the general elections and summary results per constituency. Indicating Votes Cast, Votes Rejected and Voter Turnout percentage. Presented in Vivid Graphical detail.

    Result & Statistics



The Electoral Department encourages all citizens to exercise their franchise to Vote, and recommends  that persons ensure that they are registered with the department in time for general elections. Contact us at  1758 452-3811 for more information.



Are you Registered ?

Verify that you are registered for general elections by using our voter look-up utility. You should contact the Electoral department if there are any errors or discrepancies.

Past Election Results

View past election results and statistics, graphs and charts. Voter percentages, Voter Turnout, Seat allocations in vivid graphical illustration.

Enrollment Statistics

Statistics enrollment based on voters list, based on constituencies and boundary divisions.
Statistics are available from 1979 – 2011


 Explore the Saint Lucia Demarcations and separation using Google Maps. Explore the Saint Lucia Demarcations and separation using Google Maps.


How to Vote [English]

This video demonstrates the correct voting process as prescribed by the Elections Act.  Be sure to pay close attention to the procedure in order to become familiar with the process it requirements  and regulations. Your vote counts.

Please contact us if you have any questions  regarding the process. This can be done by using the contact form located on the bottom right menu or by telephone  at  1758 4523811.

As a registered voter, you have certain rights, including:

  • To vote as your conscience tell you.
  • To cast your ballot secretly, nobody will know which party you voted for.
  • To attend political meetings and campaign rallies. –Your Right as a Voter

 As a registered voter, you have certain rights, including:

  • To know the various political parties, their candidates, and their stance on important national issues.
  • To expect an orderly and peaceful election, free from fear, violence or intimidation –Your Right as a Voter

Rights always go with responsibilities: Accordingly, as a voter your responsibilities include:

  • Taking part in the election of persons who would be making decisions that affect you directly and in directly.
  • Voting only once
  • Giving other voters equal opportunities to vote. –Your Responsibilities as a Voter

Returning Officers for Upcoming General Elections. Returning Officers, appointed by the Electoral Commissioner, are responsible for the organization and conduct of elections in their respective districts.  Meet our returning officers

Candidates for Upcoming General Elections.       A listing of candidates set to contest the upcoming general elections in Saint Luica. Saint Lucia Labour Party, United Workers Party, LPM, ONE, National Development Movement. View Listing...